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This link takes you to the  “CONTACT” page of Outrageous-Media (outrageousmedia for the typing impaired) where we work with  special effects, haunted house videos, window decorations and effects, and a host of other spooky things like music, ghosts, skulls, witch stuff, Halloween decorations (professional level), special attractions, theme parks, virtual 3-d effects, instructional videos and of course, any other brilliant thing our owner, Jon Hyers comes up with in his spare time!






















Sometimes you just need a package deal to make it work.

To order any of the products, you can use the purchase buttom located below the product or contact Jon Hyers to discuss your choices.


Below you will find our COMBO SETS: Each one has a "HOW TO" video with a visual effects dvd(s).


Grave Ghost Kit: Virtual Ghosts and Instructions DVD


Grave Ghost Kit - Create a Grave Ghost which rises out of an apparent hole in your Halloween Graveyard, using simple Window or Plexiglass, and playing the effects DVD on a small TV. The result is an apparent head-shoulders-torso of ghost rising out of the ground. It is a very effective "peppers ghost" illusion, easy to set-up inside or out. The original version was released in 2002, and has helped 10,000+ people learn the art of Pepper's Ghost reflected image illusion. Use the technique with your own created videos if you want to.


$48.00 including shipping and insurance


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VRFXTools 4-DVD Set, Virtual Effects Library and How-to DVD


VRFXTools 4-DVD Set— VRFX Tools, are Special Effects clips on DVD, for use with TVS and Videprojectors for Haunted House, Theme Parks, Home Haunters, Stage Theater. Virtual Reality Images, of a wide range of images, appear on looped tracks. TVs of different sizes can be used for various effects, behind walls, windows, lab tables, and more. Storms out windows for example are easily done. High Voltage for Frankenstein's arc, or fire, are also easy to do with a TV. This 4 DVD set, contains 66 effects on 3 DVDs, and a 4h DVD which is a detailed HOW TO video on using TVS for virtual effects. This includes a short movie, called the Adventures of Frank Ann Stein, which is one of creator Jon Hyers' trademark examples of High Quality Movie style lighting for an interesting educational scene.


$154.00 including shipping and insurance


Little Bill is on his way.. perhaps you will meet if you linger and do not buy today???














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