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This link takes you to the  “CONTACT” page of Outrageous-Media (outrageousmedia for the typing impaired) where we work with  special effects, haunted house videos, window decorations and effects, and a host of other spooky things like music, ghosts, skulls, witch stuff, Halloween decorations (professional level), special attractions, theme parks, virtual 3-d effects, instructional videos and of course, any other brilliant thing our owner, Jon Hyers comes up with in his spare time!





















"How To" videos are designed for the haunter with a flair for design and art.


To order any of the products, you can use the purchase buttom located below the product or contact Jon Hyers to discuss your choices.



This is a How To DVD by Jon Hyers Visual Effects, aka Outrageous-Media. It features 30 some projects on creating equipment and set-ups for making Ghost Illusions using Mechanical, Optical, Stagelight, Blacklight, Videoprojection, TV, and many other methods for creating a wide range of ghostly illusions.

$58.00 including shipping and insurance



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Ghost Machines 2:


This video continues with additional special effects for making ghosts and ghostly effects. Simple, step-by-step instructions show you how to make: Ghost Letters,simple automated and manual Ghost Spotlight, Projection Ghosts in Fog, 3D-like "Hologram" projection chamber, Black Light and Glow Paint Effects, Glowing Footprints Machine, Multi-Mirror Multi Image Projection, Cat Ghost, Motorized Flying Prop Ghost, Physical Object Projector Machine, more...

Ghost Machines 2 is hosted by Visual Effects artist Jon Hyers and Actor Steve McKillen. Ghost Machines shows a number of interesting illusions for creating ghost effects, for Haunts, Theme Parks etc. It's production in 2005, predates Jon Hyers invention of Virtual 3D - large scale video effects. However many of the Ghost Machines series are very effective, and smaller in scale and cost to stage. Some of the simple effects will lead to really cool effects....

$58.00 including shipping and insurance



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Outrageous Media's first how to series on making Props, Special Effects, and complete Haunted House Rooms, 6 hours of material including, Frankensteins Lab, Flood Disaster, Home-Made Light Effects, Projected Blood and Water, Stone Walls, Possessed Car, Gravestone Props, Ghost Illusions, Fortune Tellers Table, Jacobs Ladder, Laboratory Set-ups, Tornado Scare, Earthquake, Crawling Bugs, Virtual Burning Room, Head on Spit, Head in Cabinet, Floating Head, Head on Lab Table, Laser Effects, False Fire Prop, Alien Egg Chamber, Various Fog Effects, Pop Up Corpse, Various Lighting Effects, Bubbling Lab Bottles and other Lab Effects

This project-rich DVD series is comprised of the original 8 Episodes of Spooky Props and Special Effects. This series has an extreme range of project complexity vs simpleness, advanced and basic level projects. There are over 60 different projects from "all over the spectrum" of haunted house effects. Beginners and Advanced Haunted House/Theme Park owners will find useful information and projects in this video series. Originally sold as individual episodes, we now sell them in a "Pack of Everything". Viewers have often commented that it's an entertaining series to watch.
Customers of these DVDs have ranged from home decorators to major theme parks.

"Some of the simplest effects shown, are the most effective. If you are looking for new ideas, you'll find them here." Starring Steve Mckillen, Jon Hyers, and Paul Economon.

$83.00 including shipping and insurance


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Fog Chiller How To and Virtual 3D Ground Effects DVD

Fog Chiller

This popular ground crawling ghoul and how-to, is ONE CHAPTER of PR2-FX2 DVD set
which has been sold by itself for those interested in JUST this effect. If you buy PR2 with FX 2, you will receive this. Don't buy it twice. 


$30.00 including shipping and insurance


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The famous Outrageous Media fading skull