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This link takes you to the  “CONTACT” page of Outrageous-Media (outrageousmedia for the typing impaired) where we work with  special effects, haunted house videos, window decorations and effects, and a host of other spooky things like music, ghosts, skulls, witch stuff, Halloween decorations (professional level), special attractions, theme parks, virtual 3-d effects, instructional videos and of course, any other brilliant thing our owner, Jon Hyers comes up with in his spare time!





















Every now and again we'll be updating this page with information that's in the media about our products.


Check out the following News Stories, from a host of media sources.
If you are new to our DVD products, these news stories will tell you a lot about our Video Projection DVD Products. See a number of different effects in use and read some articles written about us. Once you have, you will more than likely be very interested in making a purchase to expand the illusions of your Haunted Attraction, Theme Park, Stage Play, Independent Film, or Home Haunt.

PART 1 and 2 on Jon Hyers Visual Effects, interviewed Home at Halloween








Local Image News/Talk Show
Jon Hyers Visual Effects, background, independent films which use these FX.



The good people at Black Gate took the time to do a product review. Please click on the link below and take a moment to read what they have to say.

Here's a link to a great article by those fine people at blackgate!


Lastly, we have a print and web newspaper article on Jon Hyers FX, Films, Halloween DVDs. Hop on over to and take a look. Just click on the link below.

Link to an article at




The famous Outrageous Media fading skull