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This link takes you to the  “CONTACT” page of Outrageous-Media (outrageousmedia for the typing impaired) where we work with  special effects, haunted house videos, window decorations and effects, and a host of other spooky things like music, ghosts, skulls, witch stuff, Halloween decorations (professional level), special attractions, theme parks, virtual 3-d effects, instructional videos and of course, any other brilliant thing our owner, Jon Hyers comes up with in his spare time!





















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Video Projectors are the key equipment for doing video projection effects. Jon Hyers would like to make some recommendations on projectors, and digital playback devices. We do not presently sell projectors, because our focus is on the production of visual effects. But the following companies below can offer useful equipment. Any links below are good at the time this page was put up, if anything does not work, please let me know. 

Digital Video Players
also called Video Repeaters are Solid State players which output a non-DVD video and audio signal to video projectors. These devices, are commonly used in museums and theme parks, where a maintenance free, computer controlled, or push button activated Video Playback is desired. Bill Kingsley at Team Kingsley, supplies a variety of digital video playback devices, from the DV-69 Digital Video Player, to interfaces and push button controllers. Team Kingsley and Jon Hyers worked together on the Russian Museum job we had in 2007-2008. Bill is very knowledgeable about Digital Video Players, and is a key resource for anyone looking to implement these solid state devices in their attraction. 


Video Projectors: I'd like to make a number of recommendations for sources for video projectors. Please understand that every year, manufacturers create new models of projectors, so any specific model names/numbers given may become old, obsolete, or something you can only find in a used condition. In general, you want a video projector 2000 lumens and above. The larger the image, the brighter the projector required. Ebay is a great source for used projectors. I have bought many used projectors from sellers on Ebay, and have often had 5 year old projectors that just keep on working. So, if you can get a good deal on an older projector don’t hesitate. sells Video Projectors, and has been a major reseller of Jon Hyers DVDs and CDs. We live close to each other, and owner Kelly Anderson takes Halloween and Haunted Attractions needs very seriously. He and I have done a lot of research on projectors, and his web site offers a variety of Professional Class video projectors to fit consumer and professional budgets. His web sites, include, and sells a large variety of Halloween and Haunted House Products. Please check them out. They intend to add different projectors in the future. Kelly and I speak regularly, and I can say from personal experience that his business strives for providing the best products and services to the customer. also sells video projectors, and related equipment, from both his web site and on ebay at MoStar Home and Electronics ebay store. We bought our first DG-747 projector from MoStar in order to test it out for customers. MoStar is a great company to deal with; very honest, excellent customer service, and has great pricing. He is a distributor for the Digital Galaxy brand of video projectors, which in my tests show a great value for the money. Roughly in the $300 price range, they produce a sharp picture resolution in the 2500 lumen range that is equal to many name brand projectors sold in the $1000-$4000 range. So if you are looking for one or more inexpensive projectors, this is a superior place to check. is a company that makes a lot of different video projection screens as well as stands to hold the screens. Their prices are very reasonable. I've had a number of my customers refer them to me as a great source for rear screen material. They offer many sizes of screens, and custom sizes. So if you cannot find what you need here at Outrageous Media, please check them out for projection screens. is a Made in the USA, Video Projector Company that makes the lightest and most portable video projector I have seen. This projector has a built in, solid state, video/audio player. Video and audio are replayed automatically, without being hooked up to a DVD player. I own one myself, and it's a very handy, easy to use video projector. Below is my youtube I made about this projector.










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