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This link takes you to the  “CONTACT” page of Outrageous-Media (outrageousmedia for the typing impaired) where we work with  special effects, haunted house videos, window decorations and effects, and a host of other spooky things like music, ghosts, skulls, witch stuff, Halloween decorations (professional level), special attractions, theme parks, virtual 3-d effects, instructional videos and of course, any other brilliant thing our owner, Jon Hyers comes up with in his spare time!





















Please read the conditions for shipping carefully.


Attn Customers as of 2012, we are shipping exclusively Priority Mail as the default. We are also insuring every order, and ticking delivery confirmation. The moment we ship your order, you receive an email [assuming power doesn't go out along the internet, etc] and with this email is your tracking number which happens with USPS or UPS that we have so far tried. This email means that we have printed your shipping label, and within 24 hours of this delivered your order to the Post Office bulk reception. You can then track the number online on the post office web site.

KEEP THIS NUMBER if you choose to follow the boxes progress across the country. The very next scanned information on the web site is the moment the post office took possession of your order, and scanned it into their system. My company policy demands that when you buy from, you AGREE to hold the DELIVERY SERVICE RESPONSIBLE the instant they take possession of YOUR ORDER, and that IF you have any problems with them NOT delivering it, YOU AGREE to deal with them, turn in your insurance claim, and get your money back FROM THEM [Them meaning the Post Office as default, and ANY other service that gets used by YOUR request.]

We at Outrageous-Media, hold the delivery service 100% responsible for the order, and any money you paid, the moment they take possession, That Moment being defined as the very first Scan on Postal Service Records, as being in their possession. Likewise we accept no responsibility for your order, once it has shipped. This means if there is any argument between you and the delivery service about whether it was delivered, YOU THE CUSTOMER AGREE, that Outrageous-Media and employees DO NOT, and WILL NOT get involved in the dispute. 

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE READ THIS NOTE ON SHIPPING: Any orders which are outside of the United States, as in any other country in the world, EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGES WILL APPLY. Our Paypal Shopping Cart is very basic, and does NOT calculate international shipping rates. Only shipping inside the United States is included with our prices. IF your shipping/mailing/post address is outside the USA, I will calculate the additional $dollars required for shipping to you, and send you a PAYPAL request for that amount. It is different for every country. You will have to make a 2nd paypal payment to me, in order for me to ship. I will not ship your order until the 2nd payment has been received. EXCEPTIONS: If you buy 3 items from me, MOST LIKELY that will be enough money to cover the additional shipping.

Examples:  If you purchase Economy Rear Screen, Grim Reapers DVD, and Floating Ghosts DVD, then I can place the DVDs inside the screen and ship them in one box. OR if you buy three DVDs, I can put them in one box, and in MOST cases the shipping will be covered. I may have to ship First Class Mail, which should take one week longer to arrive.

Example of the difference in cost. It costs $8.00 to ship to most USA addresses, however it cost around $24.00 to ship to Europe. However it can cost as much as $32.00 to ship to some small towns in Ireland. All locations are a different price for International Orders.

USA ADDITIONAL SHIPPING OPTIONS: Because our Paypal Shopping Cart is very basic, it does NOT calculate reductions in shipping rates if you buy a 2nd, or 3rd or 4th product. So if you buy two, then you pay shipping for both, and we get a tiny bit more money to use for producing future DVDs. If you do happen to buy 4 items or more, I am happy to give you a 5th DVD or CD item for free. So, in order for that to happen, you MUST have read this paragraph, before you order and pay, and email me at to tell me what you want as your bonus item. Thank you. 

If you will not agree to this, please do not order from our company. I simply won't take any responsibility once I mailed the order, and ask you the customer to realize that we are also out the products once they are shipped. They are insured, therefore you must turn in the claim. And if the claim is denied, any Financial or Legal Action you agree to take against the delivery service, not us.